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Typical Event Dates

  • February, Second Thursday - B.543 Valentine Praise
  • April, Third Wednesday - B.543 - JOY of Easter
  • May, First Thursday - B.543 - National Day of Prayer
  • July, Fourth Thursday - Old Central Cafeteria - Summer BBQ
  • Nov, Third Thursday - B.155 - Thanksgiving Gathering
  • Dec, Third Wednesday - B.155 - Christmas Gathering

Laboratory Calendar (January to December)

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  • NOVEMBER - Third Thursday - Thanksgiving Gathering - 12:05 - Bldg. 155 Auditorium - (NO FOOD or drink in Auditorium)
    Contact: Kim Elam
    2014 Poster: PDF
    First Proclamation in June 1676 - George Washington's in October 1789

  • December 17 - Third Wednesday Christmas Gathering - 12:05 - B.155 Auditorium -
    2014 Poster: PDF

  • February - Thursday B543 auditorium - Noon - “Made to Love” Valentine Praise Event!

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  • April - Third WEDnesday - JOY of Easter (Noon) - B.543 Auditorium - NO Food in auditorium. Song, scripture, video, and prayer. Invite a friend.
    Contact: Kim Elam
    2014 Poster: PDF

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  • MAY - First Thursday - 64th National Day of Prayer - Bldg. 155 Auditorium (encouraged by Congress in 1952 as amended 1988) - 12:05 to 12:50 - 2015 Theme: TBD - brief opening remarks, prayers of the people (popcorn style- brevity, courtesy, orderly)
    Contact: Josanne Lim
    2014 Poster: PDF

  • July 23 - Fourth Thursday - Summer BBQ 12:00 noon - Old Central Cafeteria T.4675 picnic area - BSG Summer Picnic with Carl Bruns at the grill. Low key way to mingle with other believers on site. RSVP with $7 payment - NOT a fund-raiser, intended to cover costs. includes: Tri-tip, Beans, Salad, Roll, Desert & Drink Come enjoy the food and friendship! FREE (with an RSVP) for summer students who want to fellowship.
    Poster 2015: PDF

Bay Area Calendar (January to December)

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The following non-concert events are selected for broad appeal across many Christian congregations. For large-event concerts check the Celebration Concerts web-site. For other non-concert events, see the KYCC community events calendar. (Rev. 3/7/05)

  • Monthly (First Saturday) - Celebration Riders Fellowship - We welcome all riders on all types of motorcycles. A typical ride will last all-day and may cover up to 250 miles. (Rev.11/24/12)

  • September, morning - For teens: See You at the Pole(, FOURTH Wednesday, between 6:45am and 9am - Rally at Livermore Flagpole the evening before - Ask local youth pastors


  • NOVEMBER (First Tuesday), Election Day

  • November Second Sunday, The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

  • December First Friday - Sing-it-Yourself Messiah (audience is the Chorus sitting within the Valley Concert Chorale) at Trinity Lutheran Pleasanton. Danny Glover, Pianist. Scores available to borrow for the night or bring own copy. Warm-up practice runs through harder parts occurs first. $10 fee covers cost of four professional soloists. Contact: Harry Briley


  • December 24 - Christmas Eve - Attend a song-filled community event, some with brass choirs, at one of many churches offering evening services at 5pm, 7pm, or 11pm - After wrapping presents and viewing lights in town, this is a wonderful way to close the evening thinking about Jesus - Some congregations close the evening with candle-lighting and communion.

  • March (first full weekend), Castro Valley, BASS 2009 Church Workers Convention, Over 300 Workshops, over 50 Exhibits. Keynote speakers. The conference is not expensive but many churches pay a church registration fee so all their members can attend free. Held at: Redwood Chapel and First Baptist. All Denominations. All Age Groups.

  • April TBD, Regional Passover Seder - Attend a traditional Passover Seder during this seven day period of unleavened bread (sometimes hosted by a church) - A full seder with a lamb (Sephardic) or chicken (Ashkenazi) dinner is best - leisurely three hours - advance reservations crucial - Dates and costs vary if catered or potluck (kosher recipes provided) - Huge Tip: If potluck, do not bring flour/pasta, pork, shrimp, or shellfish items - Most seder leaders make time to explain and welcome - It reveals parts of Exodus and Leviticus. Passover follows lunar calendar.

    Sunrise Service 2009

  • April TBD - Easter Sunday - Community Easter Sunrise Service

    6am-7am Shadow Cliffs Regional Park - Gate open 5:45am - Songs, Dramatic monologue - Stanley Blvd between Pleasanton and Livermore - Crisp 45 degrees, Bring Umbrella if rain - 182 people attended in 2014 - Free parking ONLY for service - Contributions defray expenses with excess to Trinity Homeless and Pantry Ministries - Hosted 2014 by: Trinity Baptist Church.

    National Day of Prayer

  • May First Thursday - Theme: "Pray for America", 62nd National Day of Prayer - (encouraged by Congress in 1952 as amended 1988) 7-8pm, Topical prayers led by pastors from Tri-Valley churches Held at: Celebration Christian Center. All Tri-Valley invited - Contact: Sue Kuchta, 455-4250

We are a voluntary Employee Association that promotes a non-sectarian Christian community, expression of faith in Jesus, Bible discussions, and ordinary prayer. Our camaraderie depends upon a healthy understanding of our sins, a rational trust in the Bible, a willingness to lead a more holy life, and an ongoing relationship with God.

Access requires DOE badge. The groups study, enjoy discussions, give thanks, and pray. We have had videos and speakers. Help spread the word. We do not replace church nor require religious affiliation. The groups promote ordinary traditional Christian faith in the work world. This was the foresight of the founding employees (David W Thompson, et al) in 1967 and continues to be a radical concept.


The BSG board meets quarterly (sometimes), which includes a representative from each study and event committee.
  • 2015 Chair - Kim Elam5
  • 2016 Chair-Helper - Josanne Lim28
  • 2017 Chair-Helper - Vacant - We need a third Helper

    Send NOMINATIONS for chair-elect positions to Carl Bruns or Josanne Lim

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