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FLASH! My DUSTER for sale during 2015

Yes, after 40 years, I am selling my beloved 1971 Plymouth Duster. The car that, as Ray Orrock columnist wrote decades ago in the Livermore newspapers, "I'm going to heave my body across the hood screaming 'Nooooo!' as they take it away from me." Click on the link to see the three "P"s (photos, positives, problems).

Wild About Harry

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Social Media

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Letters and Papers

Browse my LIBRARY of memoirs, various class syllabus, newsletters, and minor papers. My minor theological papers there show why a reasonable person would focus on Christ Jesus, with an emphasis on historicity and reliability.

These copyrighted files are posted for open readership but not for distribution or re-publication without permission.

At Pali Overlook, Oahu

Mural- Sergiev Pasod, Russia - Photo: Harry Briley

Apologetics and Theology

My active Christian walk began during the Jesus Revolution of the early 70's, which led to being a pulpit preacher for a year in Socorro, a year as the rural Socorro county jail chaplain, helping start a Christian coffeehouse on the New Mexico Tech campus, and playing the role of Jesus in amateur skits.

Since 1977, I developed adult Bible studies for local United Methodist, Assembly of God, and Southern Baptist churches. I joined in 1977 and became General Secretary for the Bible Study Groups at LLNL (1979-2006, 28 years in a one-year role). Since 2005, I lead the local AWANA high school program serving area churches.

My written material is influenced by many theologically traditional (more so than less so) apologists who defend traditional Judeo-Christian faith. Apologist logic has helped many honest skeptics. My journey transcends typical boundaries and focus on core traditional faith. As John Wesley said, “If your heart is as my heart, lend me your hand.”

Links to Resources

  • Harry's recommended Non-Fiction Books
  • Harry's tour of half the Livermore Ministries
  • United Methodist evangelical groups
  • National/Global Ministries
  • The Bible in several languages
  • Bible Study Tools
  • The Cyber Hymnal
  • 1970-80s 'Jesus Music' - Click Playlist and select from many hour-long 'radio' podcasts
  • Traditional Christian-based resource site:
  • Slideshow about a Father's Love
  • Alameda county Family Resources web site for family, relatives, and caregivers of the mentally ill. Although it was replaced and aged, it still has useful details not found anywhere else. - I received the 2004 Mental Health Achievement Award for the year 2003, two California Senate Certificates of Recognition - Don Perata,9th - Liz Figueroa,10th , and two US House Certificates of Congressional Recognition - Pete Stark,13th - Barbara Lee,9th

A straight-forward video about faith-

VIDEO of the Four Spiritual Principals, given by Dr. Bill Bright.
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Where in the World was Harry?

California Family Council - Moral issues and information for California voters.

Conservative Chronicle - Syndicated editorials/cartoons from conservative worldview. Weekly. $80

Congressional Addresses (for writing letters)

  • Sen.Barbara Boxer, 501 'I' St Suite 7-600, Sacramento CA 95814
  • Sen.Diane Feinstein, One Post St Suite 2450, San Francisco CA 94104

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